Baltimore's First Green Car Wash

CCW's green pillars
The following principals serve as a guide to help us provide the most environmentally friendly car wash possible. We intend to constantly improve upon these principles by improving upon our green processes and continuing our investments in green technology.  We encourage our customers to email us with any suggestion in how we may become greener by sending their ideas to

water conservation

We use the latest foam brushes and soft touch technologies. Soft touch provides a much more efficient wash over the old touchless washes that use exorbitant amounts of water and require higher and harsher chemical concentrations only to produce inferior results. The end result is a better product that is also better for the environment. In addition, about 80-90% of our car wash water is recycled. Try and do that in your drive way!

We also conserve water in our bathrooms by using motion sensing hydro powered Toto faucets and state of the art waterless urinals from Kohler which have the potential to save up to a combined 80,000 gallons of water a year.

reduced waste

We use only biodegradable detergents and make sure that our suppliers have met stringent environmental standards. We also refuse to use the harsh acids used by many other car washes to clean a car's rims. These acids are extremely harmful to the environment and over time they damage the car as well.

We use recycled products wherever possible - in fact, 30% of the 4,200 sq. ft. detail building is constructed of recycled material.

reduced urban footprint

20% of our total area is green space, some of which is planted with indigenous Chesapeake Bay plants. These plants don't require irrigation, allow rain water to return to the underground aquifers, and enhance the overall feel of the community.

economic incentives

Canton Car Wash will do its part to help persuade people to buy more efficient cars by offering our "Half-Off to Hybrids" discount.

reduced energy consumption

Unlike touchless washes, soft touch doesn't require heating water, offering tremendous energy conservation. Our green technology also extends beyond the wash tunnel. Our building is equipped with a tankless hot water heater (for the bathrooms), automatic light sensors, hydro powered faucets, low E glass, solar shading and more.

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