Our mission is to provide a fast, friendly, clean and shiny experience to every customer
at a great value,
while demonstrating exceptional environmental responsibility
and good will toward the community in which we live and work.

About us

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Back in 2009, Baltimore was one gritty city when it came to clean cars. Vehicles were under constant attack by grime, salt, pigeons, pollen and other less-than-charming aspects of Charm City. Washing a car in front of a row home was hardly an option, requiring the incredibly rare combo of an outside faucet and a parking space. Existing car washes were a wash. Grumpy employees, dirty facilities and lost valuables were part of the price you paid for a semi-clean car.

Three local guys wanted more for their city and their neighbors. They rolled up their sleeves to create Canton Car Wash. Here, the experience is just as important as the actual wash. With the coffee bar, free WiFi, unlimited memberships, amazing employees, and of course a wash that is squeaky clean as well as green, everything is created to give CCW customers the best clean at a great value.