About Canton Car Wash

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Welcome to the Canton Car Wash, Baltimore’s "Squeaky Green" full service car wash and auto detailing center.  Our facility is designed to provide you with a super clean car at reasonable prices.  And because your time is valuable, our facility is also designed to minimize your wait time.

Our soft touch cleaning system, water recycling and biodegradable detergents, Canton Car Wash gives you the highest quality wash while minimizing clean water and chemical use.  Why green?  The answer is simple. We decided to run a green business because we think it’s the right thing to do. As a locally owned business, we live in this neighborhood and want it to thrive and be a place that is environmentally sound for all of us and our children.

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Join our VIP program

Canton Car Wash offers two different subscription plans that provide members with UNLIMITED WASHES!  Memberships start out as low as $39.95/mo.  These low prices will be offered for a limited time only.  Come visit us to sign up!

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